Kate Gosselin Continues To Prove Everyone Right

Kate Gosselin had a very awkward 'Today Show' appearance.
Kate Gosselin had a very awkward ‘Today Show’ appearance.

Kate Gosselin’s latest television appearance proves she’s losing control of her kids.  Kate and 13 year old twins Cara and Maddie were on the Today Show.  Cara and Maddie were asked how they were doing since this was the first time in awhile they’d been back in the spotlight.  And um yeah cue the awkward silence.  Maddie started to answer and then clammed up like she was caught with a french fry.

Kate sat in shock as she made a not so cloaked effort to get Maddie to answer.  Kate said her face visibly red, “This is their chance to talk.  This is the most wordless I’ve heard them all morning.”  “Today” show anchor Savannah Guthrie valiantly tried to toss to Cara and give her a chance but the twins had other ideas.  Towards the end Maddie did say something but it clearly wasn’t what Kate told her to.

                                                Kate and her ex-husband Jon were on the TLC show Jon & Kate Plus 8.   Where they filmed their lives after Kate had sextuplets.  Eventually they divorced and have been sparring publicly ever since.  Kate is currently suing Jon.  If you want to see the crash and burn, scroll on down.

Krooked Kritique:  I will admit I watched the initial specials about Jon & Kate TLC ran while she was pregnant and again after she had the sextuplets.  I said it then and I’ll say it now.  Kate was in no way the right woman for Jon, she was very militant almost as if she felt she was better than Jon who at the time was “just some IT guy”.  I knew by season 2 of Jon & Kate Plus 8 they were headed to divorce.  I mean come on the whole country knew it.  And now she’s back, like an unnecessary Nightmare On Elm Street redo.  Come on Kate, I’m going to  need you to get a real job and slink off into the sunset like Christopher “Peter Brady” Knight.  At 13, the twins are at a crucial point.  And if Kate can’t handle a TV appearance,  just think when Cara and Maddie want to start dating.

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